Artists in Residence ''AIR''

Artist community Nieuw en Meer offers a guest studio at their premises. We welcome applications from artists in all disciplines for work periods of max. three months.

Situated within the beautiful surroundings of the Oeverlanden, a park bordering the lake ‘Nieuwe Meer’ in Amsterdam, the guest studio offers the ideal environment for artists in terms of personal reflection and concentration, as well as for exchange and collaborations with artists from our community.

Screenwriter and digital illustrations, Originally a weapons and ammunition depot for National Defense, the first buildings date from 1918 and were part of the de ‘Stelling van Amsterdam’.
After the military stores fell into disuse the complex was squatted in the summer of ‘88. Nieuw en Meer has been operating completely independently ever since and is currently home to approximately 100 artists, residents and small businesses. The independent position and the unique location is beyond compare within the Amsterdam cultural environment.
The center of Amsterdam is easily accessible by bike or by bus (20 minutes).

In the past years, Nieuw en Meer has emphasized the sustainability of the community and site, specifically concerning the maintenance of the buildings and the ecological aspects of the surrounding land and permaculture. In our Cantina and our front yard occasionally events are organized, ranging from small concerts or theatre performances to exhibitions and workshops.

The Studio

The guest studio is conveniently situated in one of our main warehouse buildings. It measures 48m2 and is equipped with a simple sleeping area, a kitchen, shower, toilet, floor heating, and wifi. The rent is € 425,- per month, including the use of household appliances, water and electricity. Couples pay € 550,- per month.

Good to know

Artist in Residence Nieuw en Meer is run entirely voluntarily, without any additional financial support, to sustain and enhance the diversity of our community and foster the arts in general.

We can not provide day-to-day support or guidance. Therefore guest artists should come with a healthy DIY mentality and be prepared to make contacts and arrangements. That said, our community will be very willing to help when needed!
Occasionally during the artist's stay, there will be held a small party or dinner to get in contact with the artists of Nieuw en Meer.

At the end of each stay a presentation of the executed project is expected for the residents of Nieuw en Meer.

We also will ask you to share some material (photos, texts, etc.) about your work and process for our social media and archives.


When interested please complete the application form below and send the requested material digitally to:

Download application form here

Residencies 2024

Hanna Burgers

Leendert van Accoleyen (BE)

Alexander Stewart

Demarcate collab/shado & lau (samenwerking met Zone2Source)

Residencies 2023

Tushar Madhav

Thom van Hoek

Blandine Herrmann  (France)

Niels Klavers (NL)

Residencies 2022

Neil White and Tina O’Connell

Roxane Mbanga

Marina Dykukha (Oekraïne)

Anastasija (Nastija) Kiake

Residencies 2021

Fien Veldman


Donglai Meng (China)

Jazmin Charalambous (UK)

Donglai Meng (China)

Residencies 2020

Iris Woutera (NL)

Suzy Faiz (Australië)

Anastasia Osoianu, Moldavia
Multidisciplinary artis (poetry, performance, visual and cinematic art)

Ré Phillips (USA)
Multidisciplinary artist 

Residencies 2019

Jelle van Houten, NL

Hamideh Sadeghieh, IRAN

Yu Zhang, China
Artist, researcher, lecturer

Gianni Baha, Italië
Screenwriter en digital illustrations

 Residencies 2018

Yasuhiro CHIDA , Japan
Light and video installations

Vladimir Opara & Maya Opara (RUS)
Project “Holland”
Photography, video

Charles Goss (USA)
Project: 120 “Days In Amsterdam”
Diary concept with sketches, little objects etc.

Iris Woutera (NL)
Project: “Blobbing”
The transformation from BLOB into the naked body will be told through a performance, accompanied by live music