Application (TWC)

The allocation committee is responsible for selecting new tenants for available studio’s at Nieuw en Meer. Applying to a studio is possible by filling out the application form on this website, and paying the application fee of € 25,00.

Your application will be evaluated by the committee. We contact you when we have studio’s available. 

Due to the large amount of applications, the allocation committee judges on the following criteria:

There is a great need for affordable workspaces in Amsterdam. We think it is important to be aware of the demand and availability and see it as a social duty to offer affordable workspaces for (young) artists.

We have an inclusive policy with regard to new registrations. 

Studios are only available as workspaces. Applications with the intention of looking for space to live will not be processed. 

The Nieuw en Meer offers workspaces for artist and art related companies. We expect you to work professionally in your discipline. Having an education/certification in this field is an advantage. We ask to add an up to date cv with your application.

The applicant must be willing to participate in activities for the collective benefit of the terrain. Management is done by committees and self-efficacy days are mandatory.

At the moment it is not possible to register. Due to the large amount of applications the committee is working on a new application process.