Photo of Agnes de Ruijter

Oude Haagseweg 131

+316 22474914

Agnes de Ruijter

Agnes de Ruijter, known for her work on various series for VPRO (such as "Taarten van Abel," "Maartens Moestuin," and "Koken met van Boven"), recently directed the documentary "Boom in Amsterdam." This thought-provoking documentary, which has been screened and continues to be shown in various film theaters and festivals, places trees at the forefront, emphasizing the urgent need for sustained attention to the living environment.

Ank Daamen

Photo of Annet Pallesen

Oude Haagseweg 103 1066 DC Amsterdam


Annet Pallesen

Ceramics studio Annet Pallesen,

Teacher training D'Witte Leli 1984, Gerrit Rietveld Academie 1989 Working at N&M in studio 103 since 1993

Creating personal work, commissions, and teaching, including pottery wheel classes for pairs and private lessons.

Anouk George Jutta

Arjen Lancel

Arthur van Beek

Photo of Bart Kelholt

Oude Haagseweg 119 B1

+316 16687388

Bart Kelholt

The bronze sculptures of Bart Kelholt demonstrate that monumentality is not dependent on scale.

The sculptures are standalone solid forms with constantly varying interior spaces. Within the seemingly closed block of bronze unfolds a mysterious and enigmatic life of intriguing compositions with fascinating walls and spaces.

The monochrome, almost archaic-looking bronze sculptures are characterized by a plethora of sophisticated geometric shapes, which, whether stacked or linked, never strive to be cold or geometrical, but rather testify to an immense attention and love for material and form.

Kelholt proves himself a master of the small yet grand gesture.

Photo of Beata Franso

Oude Haagseweg 77 B2 1066 DC Amsterdam


Beata Franso

Photo of Bethany de Forest

Oude Haagseweg 115


Bethany de Forest

Bethany de Forest creates her own worlds. Using various materials, she crafts mystical spaces. Inspired by a city, a landscape, a particular material, or current events, De Forest arrives at a model through associative thinking. Recognizable yet estranged, she produces photographic and cinematic images of these self-constructed setups in her studio.

Photo of BetweenTwoHands; Erin Tjin A Ton en Gosia Kaczmarek

BetweenTwoHands; Erin Tjin A Ton en Gosia Kaczmarek

Artist collective BetweenTwoHands consists of Erin Tjin A Ton (NL, 1985) and Gosia Kaczmarek (PL, 1981) who, since 2015, have developed five visual theatre performances. With their love for materials, technology and craft, they aim to fascinate, move and make audiences think about social issues such as loneliness, alienation and isolation. The spatial, theatrical installations of BetweenTwoHands are meticulously crafted, situating them at the intersection of theatre and visual art. Often, the viewer becomes part of the work by walking through it, carrying an object or activating a sensor. For their performances The Journal and Duodenum they won the Ruth van der Steenhoven Prize (a prize for new object-theatre makers) and for Paperwork they received the Canadian Arlyn Award (an international prize for extraordinary design in object theatre).

Björn Warning

Branko Vrdoljak

Photo of Buck Havenaar

Oudehaagseweg 139

Buck Havenaar

A creative and unique venue for exhibitions, music, singing, and dancing. Send us an email with your wishes, and together we'll make it an unforgettable experience.

Photo of Caroline Diepstraten

Oude Haagseweg 73 1066 DC Amsterdam

Caroline Diepstraten

Caroline Diepstraten creates sculptures and installations that visualize connections between natural and artificial elements. (Organic) residual materials are often combined with construction materials and/or everyday objects, and coated with a thin layer of cement. They create a transitional situation, sometimes literally in scaffolding. The sculptures she creates are remnants of what was and foundations for what is yet to come.

Coen van den Driesschen

Photo of Danielle van Ark

Oude Haagseweg 131 achter 1066 DD Amsterdam


Danielle van Ark

Danielle van Ark studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague (2005) and the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam (2013). She is a visual artist who creates work from a vast array of sources, redeploying them in a variety of media, including photography, film, drawing, installation and sculpture. Van Ark is interested in the opaque systems of value creation and social status in an era where everything seems to have become reproducible and fleeting. Her work has been featured in exhibitions including FOAM, Amsterdam, gallery tegenboschvanvreden Amsterdam, Daegu Photo Biennale, South Korea, Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle, De Nederlandsche Bank, UNSEEN Amsterdam, Museum of the City of New York, New York, gallery Martin van Zomeren. 

David van der Heijden

Denise Jansen

Dieuwke Spaans

Photo of Dorothea Dahnick

Oude Haagseweg 57 B1 1066 DC Amsterdam

Dorothea Dahnick

Dorothea Dähnick

Dorus van der Meer

Photo of Elly Baltus

Oude Haagseweg 63 A2 1066 DC Amsterdam


Elly Baltus

Elly Baltus, sculptress and medal artist. Graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam and received an MA in Fine Art from the University of Wales (Cardiff). Winning the Grand Prix from FIDEM in Tampere 2010 for medal art brought international recognition and acclaim. Medals are now exhibited all over the world, are bought by collectors and are to be found in major museums across the world.

Photo of Elsbeth Pluimers

Oude Haagseweg 91 , 1066 DC Amsterdam

+316 57457636

Elsbeth Pluimers

Elsbeth Pluimers, with her profound understanding of earth sciences and Asian traditions, presents thought-provoking sculptures that explore the concept of the Anthropocene. Her work, under the title "Golden Spike", symbolizes the delicate balance between nature and humanity, inviting viewers to contemplate their interconnectedness.

Photo of Elsevier Non Solus Multimediale producties

Elsevier Non Solus Multimediale producties

Lex and Loes Elsevier offer support for projects, photo shoots, text editing, presentations, and much more.

Lex is a multidisciplinary artist, while Loes is a dramaturge who creates texts and contexts for events.

Together, they create projects where Time and Space greet each other in a contemporary, contrasting, and connecting landscape of words and images.

Erik Hobijn

Femke Berkemeier

Photo of Frans Franciscus

Oude Haagseweg 77 B1

+31 (0)6 2153 5702

Frans Franciscus

Franciscus' works present an exhibition highlighting modern art mostly inspired by classical European paintings and sculptures often with a biblical background. Franciscus had shows in the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Curaçao, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Jordan, Russia, Spain, Swiss, South Africa, United Kingdom and U.S.A.

George Heidweiller

Photo of Gerard Riksen

Oude haagseweg 169 (ark)


Gerard Riksen

I create wooden sculptures, photo’s, short movies & digital & analog collages.

Guus Hendrickx

Guus van der Werf

Guy Vording

Photo of Hagar Schuringa

Hagar Schuringa

Hagar Schuringa (1996) studied Image and Language at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Layering, deconstruction, and fragmentation are characteristic of her work, in which she often raises questions about the relationship between humans and landscape. She has exhibited at galleries such as Caroline O'Breen and Unfair. In addition to her own practice, she works as a freelance art writer for NRC. This year, she is participating in the Slow Writing Lab of the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

Hans Scholten

Hans Scholten

Photo of Ian Paul de Ruiter

Oude Haagseweg 81

+316 41234286

Ian Paul de Ruiter

Ian Paul de Ruiter is a sculptor who utilizes geophysical materials to create his sculptures. These materials include light, color, movement, wind, gravity, etc. All of these immaterial substances are inevitably translated into material substances or the sculpture itself through his work. The artwork serves as a catalyst for these geophysical materials.

Ineke de Hey

Jan Haak

Jette Kelholt

Johan Vonk

Joost Krijnen

Photo of JOYze Hoogland

JOYze Hoogland

Where others stop, I often initiate action.

Actions for preserving GREEN, which is threatened to be overtaken by concrete & stone, and then we act surprised when (heat) stress arises.

Painting is my outlet against endless clichés, from the runaround reactions of many workers at institutions.

Yet, there are occasional victories, which give courage to persevere. Doing nothing and becoming depressed, or eating away disappointments, is not an option.

In the 4th women's UN decade, you learn think globally act locally.

Photo of Kamiel Proost

Kamiel Proost

Kamiel is a surrealist painter from Amsterdam. Like his city his studio is a home for many cultures and people of all walks of live. He mixes Mexican Iconography with the Old Dutch Masters intertwined with Japanese woodblock prints, Misty Dreams, Rabbits in Wonderland and Dmt like Spirit Worlds. His work can be seen at Kokopelli, the worlds first Magic Mushroom shop & gallery.( Warmoesstraat 12, Amsteram) Or at on Insta.

Kolja van Zwoll

Kor Klompsma

Liesbeth Bijwaard

Liet Heringa

Photo of Lydia Schouten


Lydia Schouten

The multimedia installation "Shattered Ghost Stories" by Lydia Schouten sets the tone at the start of "A Room of One’s Own" at the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht. Originating from the collection of the Museum Arnhem, this significant work once again colors a museum room blue for the first time in 30 years.

As a pioneer in performance, video, and installation art, as well as a feminist figurehead, Schouten has a long track record in the international art world. Spanning 45 years, her oeuvre addresses important themes such as mass media, identity, loneliness, and violence.


Maarten van Kalsbeek

Photo of Maartje Folkeringa

Maartje Folkeringa

Maartje Folkeringa (1978) explores various themes in her sculptural work, such as non-verbal communication, the inner world, and interpretations around the unknown. By focusing on intuition, material, tactility, and craftsmanship, she creates a unique and dynamic universe. In addition to her artistic practice, Folkeringa teaches sculpture at HKU, Utrecht University of the Arts, and is a member of the allocation committee of Nieuw en Meer.

Photo of Marcella van Zanten


Marcella van Zanten

Marcella van Zanten creates installations in addition to paintings, prints, and sculptures. Much of her work is presented in parks and large industrial spaces.

Van Zanten transforms ordinary daily experiences into extraordinary ones. Her goal is to depict the unexpected and powerful aspects of an experience.

Mariette Renssen

Martin Mulder

Martin van Leusden

Mathijs de Vries

Photo of Maurice Bogaert

Maurice Bogaert

Recently, Maurice Bogaert has been working on a series of projects where different media such as architecture, film, text and visual art come together to create a total experience for an audience. Sometimes these works are extremely large 'walkthrough' installations and at other times, on the contrary, infinitesimal scale models and maquettes.All these works are, all in their own way, attempts to translate notions of camera movement and montage into physical space. All these works are attempts to create an immersive cinematic experience without actually making film.

Bogaert is a member of the artist run collective If Paradise is Half as Nice

Photo of Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest

Oude Haagseweg 77-A1

+316 4848 3696

Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest

The Paleolithic hand axe - 'biface' is the archaeological term for an object that was worked on both sides - is the earliest evidence that humans find a symmetrical shape appealing. It's a convergence of emotion and technique. I carve hand axes out of wood because I'd love to find a real one made of flint. Because they are so incredibly beautiful.

Oudehaagseweg 149

Michel Mol

Mik Le Chef

Photo of Natascha Mansvelt

Oudehaagseweg 153-B

+316 422 37 524

Natascha Mansvelt

Former ballerina who still dances for pleasure. International creative arts and culture professional, I design immersive multisensory experiences that are both educational, informative, and fun.

Natascha Wittenberg

Nicolle Schatborn

Nils Krook

Photo of Ninamounah Langestraat

Oudehaagseweg 147 A

Ninamounah Langestraat

Ninamounah considers herself as a biologists and anthropologists that use fashion and art as her research method. Transforming fashion into a powerful tool beyond its own disciplinary borders. Ninamounah is driven by an interest in mankind in its natural yet constructed form and investigates how the dressed human is simultaneously celebrated and suppressed due to cultural-historical structures that are often found in fashion design. The collections take natural phenomena as a conceptual starting point to disjoint archaic cultural views on society and encourage humans to embrace one’s animalistic side.

We are all animals wearing a dress of culture.

Patrouska Engel

Paula van Ameijde

Paul de Vries

Paul Nassenstein

Peter de Graaf

Peter Schiphof

Photo of Pipsqueak was here!!!

Pipsqueak was here!!!

The logo we have chosen for Pipsqueak was here!!! Is a found object. On a trip through Maui we photographed an old traffic sign depicting both a boy with a fishing rod followed by a cat and a girl carrying her teddy bear followed by a dog.

Underneath the words, caution children at play. It took a while before we realised how much this image meant to us. The words, caution children at play, seemed to refer to the way we as mankind deal with Mother Nature. Stating we are children that play with the planet in a rough fashion. It is a warning that combines to be cautious with the soothing fact we are playing as children, young ones that need to be educated. From the sign the girl with the bear eventually became our logo and also an image we started using for many works.

Photo of Reina van Zwoll

Reina van Zwoll

Artist primarily working in magical realism, oil on canvas.

Owner of the gallery "On the Edge".

District commission member in Nieuw-West, Amsterdam representing the Green Basic Pirates.

Rens Bouma

Photo of Rianne Cuppen

Oude Haagseweg 161

Rianne Cuppen

Atelier C.

Creative Production Agency

Business (Guidance) for Foundations and Associations in the Arts and Cultural Sector

Ricardo van Eyk

Photo of Richard Mulder

Oudehaagseweg 107

+316 24273870

Richard Mulder

I don't have a lot to say. Actually, I don't really say things; I express them through woodcraft poetry. It's poetry without words, you know. I think art is law. Artists make signs and put them in public spaces.You don't always understand it; you look at it and try to understand the symbols. They repeat themselves, and then maybe you grasp the concept of what they mean. We use the repeating symbols to create language, to create culture.

Photo of Riette Wanders

Riette Wanders

'Riette Wanders' artistic practice is one of constant exploration. She is known for her largescale charcoal and textile drawings that feature vibrant organic and abstract imagery. However, her latest series of drawings represents a departure from her previous work. These new works are small, in color, and executed with oil pastel on paper. What sets these new works apart is their source material. They are translations of digital drawings and miniature aluminum sculptures, as well as depictions of molars with amalgam fillings. The inclusion of these seemingly disparate elements speaks to Wanders' willingness to experiment with different media and subject matter. She draws the eye to a space that is not even accessible to oneself, although it is one of our most intimate holes. the oral cavity as the space for our grinding mouth is the space in which not only saliva is produced and spat out, but also speech. Almost contradictory, Wanders seeks and finds the intimate depictions in virtual space, public and accessible to everyone'  

Rini Hurkmans

Robert Huizinga

Robert Smit

Rob Hagenouw

Rob van Betuwe

Roel Zuiderweg

Rosa Peters

Ruut Evers

Sabine König

Photo of Sander van Deurzen

Sander van Deurzen

Sander van Deurzen's practice is rooted in painting, where he reconfigures age-old themes into a contemporary form. While embracing the long tradition of painting, he also seeks to simultaneously break free from it.

Photo of Sanne van Balen

Sanne van Balen

Her work engages with language on many different levels: as a system, text, product of interpretation, and as a starting point for material things. By situating language and landscape together and approaching them as linguistic sites of significance, a handwriting emerges as a horizon in the distance. With a poetic gaze, she questions the everyday and challenges her audience to reconsider the daily environment.

Semna van Ooy

Oude Haagseweg 51e

+316 644995301

Siamak Amiri

Simone Heydemann

Sjoerd Tim

Stannie Vliegenthart

Stefan Strausss

Photo of Suzanne Mittring

Oude Haagseweg 51 postvak 163 1066 BV Amsterdam


Suzanne Mittring

"Mittring and Friends": On my 6th I started crochet....still love to make woolen hats! Since my 9th I have been making cloths for barbie and dolls....never stopped sewing cloths! For my studies pattern drawing and sewing, I was placed for my aprentise in a boutique for New wave, punk and second hand clothing. Here I learned to restore and recycle textiles. After studying fashion design on Rietveld academie I travelled and slowly realised that beside living in a gipsy wagon I wanted to experience living in a Mongolian ger (yurt). My sewing capacities extended to yurtcover sewing. Nowadays I am doing sewing works in many diciplines. My label "Mittring and Friends" exists thanks to all my friends who supplie me with woolen textiles, who help me with transport to markets f.e. and who inspire me. The chalenge is blowing new life in "worthless" textiles : UPCYCLING.

Photo of Tammo Schuringa


Tammo Schuringa

Tammo Schuringa (Amsterdam, 1962) creates drawings and collages, mostly on a small scale. Schuringa teaches at the preparatory course of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and also at the illustration department of ArtEZ Zwolle. In 2005, he won the Dutch Design Award for his illustrations in the Volkskrant, among other works.

Teun Castelein

Photo of Thomas de Wit

+316 81617133

Thomas de Wit

AUTONOMAS is a creative design studio specializing in custom interior projects with wood and steel, ranging from furniture, lamps, and stairs to steel walls and off-grid solutions, including mushroom farms. I create unique objects and innovative solutions for various needs.

Thomas Lenden Fotografie

Thomas Wildner

Timo Goosen

Tineke Tromp

Photo of Tjebbe Beekman

Tjebbe Beekman

Tjebbe Beekman’s canvases are simultaneously abstract and expressive, disorienting the viewer’s sense of space. Layering increasingly fragmented and polarised images, Beekman’s work is a personal reflection of contemporary society and his method of adapting to the existential events of today through creating a dialogue with his contemporaries of the past. Beekman’s work embraces and pays tribute to a breadth of influences from Sandro Botticelli to Kerry James Marshall - balancing composition, color and perspective through the lens of art history while incorporating the nuance of socially and environmentally engaged contemporary work into his narrative. Beekman’s voracious palette of influences and ideas evokes the endless stream of media and information we sift through daily. Nodding to historic iconographic painting, Beekman challenges what is expected of the medium to innovate and celebrate the act of creating in its entirety. Beekman uses digital tools to capture the glitches and internal references in his early motifs, before building them out using paint, sand and plaster which he layers onto the canvas with a brush, palette knife or his fingers, to later be scraped away or built up into relief. The layered surfaces of Beekman’s paintings underline the meaning of his work, and follow the artist’s interest in architectural space.

Vera Broos

Vere van der Veen

Vladimir Grafov

Photo of Walter van der Horst

+316 12354432

Walter van der Horst

Notes from the laboratory sailing

To the candy store and back, a reenactment

Of a fake memory, facts conspiring to logic,

Growing flowers on the bottom of the sea or

Just brewing some dire Rejah Rejah Wrong Dong Fu

Willem Verburg

Yuri Halberstadt