Hardgroen is the project group that is involved in the plan development of the forecourt: the construction of the new pavilion to be built by architect Paulien Bremmer and the landscape design by landscape architects BOOM Landscape.

 The starting points for this plan development and vision formation were the 'Future Research New and More', a self-examination of the ethos of Nieuw en Meer, drawn up by Stad BV in 2010, and 'Explorations N+M', the inventory of tenants' wishes bundled in 2018.

 The Hardgroen project group has a broad composition: in addition to a delegation from the board of tenants' association Niks Minder and Stichting Nieuw en Meer, the vast majority of the committees are also represented which, due to the nature of the executive tasks for which they are responsible, have common ground with the planning process.