Artist In Residence; Meet Leendert van Accoleyen


Leendert Van Accoleyen (b. 1991, Aalst) reaches for the impossible in his art, defying gravity with constructions that elevate large and heavy objects into the air. His work, marked by the tension between human vulnerability and the grandiosity of his creations, taps into the strength of nature, akin to the delicate balance observed in a honeybee’s interaction with flowers.

Leendert Van Accoleyen is an artist whose artistic practice cannot be separated from his personal life. He creates sculptural installations using various materials such as reclaimed wood, bricks, and metal, among others. He lives a nomadic lifestyle, often residing in his car, on a boat, or in his studio.

Collaboration is a key element of Van Accoleyen’s practice, and he works closely with the people he cares most about, often relying on their help and generosity to realize his ideas. His work represents a critical train of thought that examines common understandings of socio-spatial realities. Van Accoleyen’s work has been exhibited in galleries and public spaces in Belgium and beyond, and he has received several awards and grants for his practice. His work is part of the collection of the Muhka and many private collections.