Foundation Nieuw en Meer

The grounds and buildings are owned by the Foundation Nieuw en Meer. The foundation is responsible for the management and maintenance of the complex. Its board consists of nine members, five external members and four internal members c.q. tenants of Nieuw en Meer. These four internal board members are nominated by the tenants association ‘Niks Minder’.

The external board members are appointed by the board itself. These board members are sought and appointed for their expertise in the field of technical building management or for their legal or financial expertise. In addition, it is required that board members are art-loving. Because of the necessary independence they constitute a majority within the board.
The main goal of the Foundation is the rental of affordable studios and business premises to artists and related small businesses. In addition, the Foundation promotes the management and maintenance of the complex on the basis of self-motivation of the members.


 Association ‘Niks Minder’

The association ‘Niks Minder’ promotes the interests of tenants. The main objectives of the association are: Promoting the involvement of tenants in the management of the complex; The pursuit of a varied uses of the complex; Promoting the environmental, social , and cultural- friendly character of the complex.

Member of the association is anyone who has signed a contract with the Foundation “Nieuw en Meer’. Thereby automatically each member has one vote in the General Assembly of the association. The board of the association is appointed by the General Assembly and Board members are elected from among them. The management tasks of award