Vensters II | 2018

Artificial by Nature

Romneyloods/ Voorveld,  Oude Haagseweg t. o. 51,  Amsterdam

Müge Yilmaz (TR) and Rutger Muller (NL)

‘And They Were Out’

‘As these creatures and sounds had been living in the bushes without contact with anybody and now this is their first contact with us…Like a hidden tribe. The exhibition day can be a celebration of this encounter.’



About Müge Yilmaz

In her archives Müge Yilmaz selects the recursive elements of basic meanings which give place to a uniform reading and interpretation of the material and virtual world we live in. She researches and edits collections of these isotopies that when submitted to the rules of interpretative coherence through photographs and digital presentations become directions.


Statement Rutger Muller

I’m fascinated by music’s ability to transcend the drama of emotion; to reach beyond it, towards the pattern-based origins of consciousness (the micro cosmos) nature and outer space (the macro cosmos). Through electro-acoustic sound design and collaborations with contemporary (classical) instrumentalists, I want to shed new light on the spiritual essence of musical cultures — and to investigate how to make sense of this in our hectic (digital) culture.