Van Rijn & Van Soest op This Art Fair

28|12|17 – 30|12|17
Beurs van Berlage,  Damrak 243,  Amsterdam

When we are working we feel very excited, we talk to each other, and to ourselves, we are full of anger and rage, just like people who are drunk.
We hate the world, curse everyone, and we are very dissatisfied with ourselves and each other.
With a critical and hostile attitude towards everything, we manage to correct our own photo’s and draw them over.
Only now we dare to destroy them, knowing the result will be better.
Strong yet indistinct images come into our mind, differentiating and manifesting themselves while drawing, and subsequently shifting into new ones again.
After one or two hours we are tired. The improvements appear to be mere changes or mental pictures and the work does not lead to any new ideas.
Exhausted, we stop working and we timidly try to remember and imitate the rules of social life.
While killing time, we try to stay out of sight as much as possible and walk with a stoop in fear of being arrested.
We have to wait, wait until we have regained our strength to start working again.
To us everyday life has nothing to offer, it does not interest us.
We are so aware of the sharp contrast with our creative, autistic monuments, that it paralyzes us.
Occasionally, when there is no opportunity to work for some time, the intense talks we have are not reflected in our work but in our attitude, both towards each other and towards other people.
We begin to realize that our longing for a productive kind of excitement can be channeled in this direction too.

Free after A. Rainer, our hero.


Opening op:
27/12: 18:00 tot 22:00

28/12: 11:00 tot 19:00
29/12: 11:00 tot 22:00
30/12: 11:00 tot 19:00