Maartje Folkeringa

13|09|19 – 8|11|19
Kennedy van Der Laan,  Molenwerf 16,  Amsterdam

OPENING: Friday 13 September, from 17:00 till 20:00.
With good wine, drinks and deliciousness.
The introduction starts at 18:00 by Richtje Reinsma, artist, writer and art journalist.

VISITING HOURS: It’s possible to visit during office hours.
Monday to Friday from 9:00 till 18.00


In the exhibition ‘Time-out’ Maartje Folkeringa (1978, Sint Anthonis) is showing work from different moments and series in her adventurous oeuvre. Folkeringa’s semi-abstract sculptures, made from ceramics, papier-mâché, resin, aluminium, mouldable epoxy and other materials, evolve from intensive testing and intuitive experimentation. Thematically, Folkeringa is driven by her fascination for the contradictory human aspiration to conceal and reveal oneself simultaneously, with a focus on the aesthetics of the accessories and props that we use to this effect.


Maartje Folkeringa’s work is shamelessly aiming for seduction. Anything that pleases the eye is available in abundance: fresh colours, clear contours, rhythmic patterns, gilt, gleam and glitter. Her sculptures are radiant with contagious energy and excitement, as if they are eagerly putting on a show. Stars jump out at you, peaks are pointing upwards, vanes are waving voluptuously. The simplicity of the used materials only becomes apparent at second sight, the casual, sometimes crude finish that makes the initial lustre seem misleading. Folkeringa’s sculptures appear to be bluffing, their splendour based on illusion and imitation.

Sometimes this happens explicitly, in the series Paradice for instance, that was inspired by copycat brands like Phuma, Naik and Cnanel, and the Goldnuggets, lumps of clay glazed with gold lustre. However, Folkeringa’s explorations of our obsession with outward appearances often remain more abstract and suggestive, as in the series Display, Premium and the evident fusion Display (Premium), that seem to investigate the attractive availability of objects in shops and display windows, waiting for a body.

No matter how cheerful and even festive Folkeringa’s work may seem, it touches upon the tragedy hidden in all outward display. For everything we adorn and surround ourselves with not only has aesthetical significance but carries psychological, economic and social meaning as well, with all its inherent limitations and frustrations. It is precisely this cosmetic frontline of existence – which man so heavily invests in and derives so much from – that constitutes Folkeringa’s playground. A paper-thin yet defining dimension that she is probing and turning over with infectious curiosity. She is conducting a profound investigation of the superficial.

Text : Richtje Reinsma
Translation: Nanne op ‘t Ende