Tushar Madhav

Artists in Residence

Artist in Residence at Nieuw en Meer from 01-01-2023 till 31-03-2023.
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Tushar Madhav (1985, India) works at the intersections of creative documentary film, archival research, performance-making and audio-visual installations, seeking and voicing lived histories with his artistic practice. Through artistic research in cinema and film art, he is working towards weaving personal with the political, intimate with collective, navigating forms, mediums, and articulations to expand the multidimensional and trans-disciplinary processes of filmmaking. He received the 64th National Film Award of India for his first film A Ballad of Maladies (2016, India, 85 min) that negotiates for a space for the arts in the festering military occupation of Indian-administered Kashmir. Since 2018, with the support of research fellowships, labs, and documentary grants (India IFA, Uniondocs Centre for Documentary Art, Catapult Film Fund, DMZ Docs Fund, Field of Vision, Emergence Magazine, Cité Internationale des Arts) he has been independently developing an expanded-documentary project probing the depression and suicide of Indian painter Jangarh Singh Shyam. With the discursive ideas of his ongoing project, he is writing about the mystification and mythologization of an artist’s identity, problematizing the fetishizing gaze of the contemporary art industry that reduces the indigenous as a subaltern of the society. During the residency, besides expanding upon his existing project, Tushar will also be devising performative gestures for screenwriting for the development of a new artistic research project that explores narrative iterations and re-iterations of a gay “cruising” encounter to investigate the homophobic gaze.

Website: www.basicbaefilms.com Instagram: @thatguyinanewcity