Matthew Allen (NZL)

Artist in Residence at Nieuw en Meer from 01-06-2014 till 31-08-2014.
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Matthew Allen:

“My time as an Artist in Residence at Nieuw en Meer has been an opportunity to radically deconstruct my painting practice, which until this time had been a decade long investigation of a single method of making a painting.

After talking with other artists based at Nieuw en Meer and hearing their insights into my work I decided to separate the elements of colour, fluidity and gradation, which in my previous work had all been produced by a specific process of liquid application of paint, and expand my working methodology. From this point my work has expanded to include silkscreen processes and photography as catalysts to explore different aspects of the aforementioned elements extruded from my paintings.

The outcome of my period of residence at Nieuw en Meer has been a broadening of understanding of my own practice and reinvigorated sense of exploration of the structure of painting through various associated visual media. The work produced has not been about producing a fully finished object which synthesizes all of my new ideas, but rather that each object engages with various ideas and processes in an open ended manor that keeps the questioning ongoing.”

At the end of his period Matthew showed his work in the Witte Arena