Donglai Meng

Artist in Residence at Nieuw en Meer from 01-04-2021 till 30-06-2021.
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Donglai Meng (b.1994, China) is a visual artist currently based in the Netherlands. Her interest originates from the study of psychoanalysis, which reveals the contradiction and split between human consciousness and subconsciousness. Therefore, her artistic practice is to constantly capture and feel the inner state of human beings in different contexts.

During the residency, she plans to create a new ‘Hairy-Legs’ series, through which she would like to capture the mental states of ‘immersive daydreaming’ during isolation. Daydreaming carries unknown emotions, and the emotional tension comes from the uneasiness of reality. The tiny individual soul and the contemporary social environment in which the body exists, she is curious if there is a balance between them.