Charles Goss (USA)

Artist in Residence at Nieuw en Meer from 01-06-2018 till 31-08-2018.
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Project: 120 Days In Amsterdam

Charles Goss is an artist and educator from the United States. He spent 3 month in 2018 at The Nieuw en Meer Artist Residency.

The Amsterdam Papers are painted collages. This work is comprised of small cut-outs from all sorts of printed media picked up from local news stands, used book stores and the trash in Amsterdam. The pieces are comprised of thousands of cut out individual photographic images pasted on pieces of artists paper. After this building of the papers surface I paint and draw both personal and political images on top of them. They become painted collages. There is something about the overabundance of images in our lives that I want to report, control and respond to. I want to respond by making and not taking-with my hands.

The Un-Broken Kilometer is a wall drawing-1 continuous line, 1000 meters long, drawn on the wall. I decided to do this in order to take over, to enter and interact with an otherwise totally new studio space. The line took about 3 weeks to complete and I would add to it each day. After my residency I painted over the wall-waiting for the next visitor…

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