Anastasija Kiake

Artists in Residence

Artist in Residence at Nieuw en Meer from 01-10-2022 till 31-12-2022.
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Anastasija (Nastija) Kiake (she/her/they/them) is a visual artist, writer, and a researcher who is working with the performativity of language, oral history, and theory practiced in the ruins of argumentation or in other words – in the becoming of poetry. They research shapes and structures of violence, economies of feeling, and the building of relations through artistic practice. They are part of the collective behind DOGWALK Platform, which is a platform for socially engaged practices, slow journalism, and artistic research. During the AIR residency, they will be developing ‘unstable’ methodologies for performative and social writing while working on their current research project that revolves around sugar and sweetness within the post-Soviet context.