Rini Hurkmans

Oude Haagseweg 99 A1
1066 DC Amsterdam

The work of Rini Hurkmans creates spaces that are intended as sanctuaries for human intuition, memories, fantasies, desires and feelings of wonder, places where the opposition between the internal and external world is bridged.

The ‘unspeakable’, that which is not spoken of, which is unmentionable – emptiness and absence are aspects of it – acquires a form which functions on an emotional, as well as on a spiritual level.

In the work the conceptual aspects take a central place, symbolized in various ways. Over time the visual means have grown from a more abstract to a more direct language. A core aspect in the work is the combination of elements taken from different cultures to express universal feelings: the life and survival of the human, vulnerability, the loss of individuality, drama but also power, beauty and euphoria.