Oude Haagseweg
1066 DC Amsterdam

Artist collective BetweenTwoHands consists of Erin Tjin A Ton (NL, 1985) and Gosia Kaczmarek (PL, 1981) who, since 2015, have developed five visual theatre performances. With their love for materials, technology and craft, they aim to fascinate, move and make audiences think about social issues such as loneliness, alienation and isolation. The spatial, theatrical installations of BetweenTwoHands are meticulously crafted, situating them at the intersection of theatre and visual art. Often, the viewer becomes part of the work by walking through it, carrying an object or activating a sensor. For their performances The Journal and Duodenum they won the Ruth van der Steenhoven Prize (a prize for new object-theatre makers) and for Paperwork they received the Canadian Arlyn Award (an international prize for extraordinary design in object theatre).