Presentation Artist in Residence


25|06|19 – 28|06|19
Nieuw en Meer,  Oude Haagseweg 61,  Amsterdam

Open Studio and exhibition “I WANNA“, from 11:30 am – 16:30 pm.
Artist talk on 25 of June at 16:30 pm.

Project  I WANNA by Yu Zhang contains two different processes of how technologies pair the expressions of one intention with attached value. In this project, technologies pair expressions with different actions and consequences expressions make to the determination of value of individual intention. I WANNA is including two installations in pair – one photograph/film installation I Wanna Fly 5427.89 Miles and one interactive installation I Wanna Rotate 5427.89 Miles. The work is also the result of three-month residency at A.I.R. Nieuw en Meer in Amsterdam from April to June in 2019.

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