Pas des Deux

27|06|19 – 30|06|19
HKU,  Oudenoord 700,  3513 EX Utrecht


We are finally graduating! And we love to celebrate this with you!

After 6 months of researching choreography and choreographic objects and 6 months of experimenting, recording and building, we present you our new installation Pas de Deux at the HKU.

But first!  We set up Studio Yūgō!
Studio Yūgō consists audiovisual installations, new media art and performances. Where we also have our beautiful name from: Yūgō,  merging different disciplines together. The origin of our work lies with natural movements. Yorinde is fascinated by human dance and its designed choreographies. Jaap, who designed his first works for and from nightlife, gets his inspiration from rhythmic movements and machine sounds. Together they translate these two points of view about movements and patterns into choreographic objects.

At the graduation festival Studio Yūgō present you our new installation Pas de Deux:

P​as de Deux, explores the temporary state of the human body in classical ballet. Through analysis software, the movements of bodies are recorded in digital values, without losing the movement. This data forms the groundwork for the kinetic installation. The rhythm and transience of the dance are translated into a fixed form and machine movement patterns.
The rhythms and patterns adopted by the pendules visualize executed dance movements. Through this process new choreography is created; without the human body, but rich in all its movements. A​ dance that is not limited to time and continues to perpetuate.

It will be lovely to see you all at our graduation show!

Studio Yūgō – Yorinde Diepstraten and Jaap Beyleveld

Thursday, June 27: 15:00 – 21:00 opening day/evening
Friday, June 28: 12:00 – 21:00 exhibition
Saturday, June 29: 12:00 – 17:00 exhibition
Sunday, June 30: 12:00 – 17:00 exhibition

(We will be there every day)

Oudenoord 700, 3513 EX Utrecht