Liquid Memories

Blandine Herrmann

22|09|23 – 23|09|23

An exhibition by Blandine Herrmann, our Artist in Resident.

I dreamt a lot about the lake as the days went by at Nieuw en Meer. Its presence enveloped me and revealed many images. Images of holidays, long periods of time and painting. Suspended and slightly motionless , waiting for something to happen. The lake is immobile. Waiting to reveal its reflections. I wonder how deep it is and who lived under it. Maybe forgotten creatures or waters of different colours. I began to paint from the memory of these dreams and also from the memory of my experience crossing the lake, like an image diary. The ghostly trees, moths, blackbirds, sunflowers and that black dog that often appeared somewhere. August 2023.

Opening HOURS : Friday 22 5– 7 pm and Saturday 23 : 3-6 pm