Artist in residence Arita-Japan

Heringa / van Kalsbeek

1|09|19 – 28|11|19
Arita Ceramics Wholesale Association, Saga University Arita Town, Japan

Heringa and Van Kalsbeek are working with ceramics in Arita, famous for the production of porcelain for centuries.Heringa / Van Kalsbeek aim of the residency in Arita is to obtain new insights in techniques they do not yet master: how they can learn to develop and apply such techniques. In this way, they can create a space for their work out of which new images and sculptures may arise. The artist duo are especially interested in the way in which Japanese art, but also Japanese gardening, Ikebana, floristry, and procedures through which nature is ‘formed’ accidentally: how natural processes can be remediated into sculptural processes. They expect to encounter specialist techniques that prominently feature the force of nature. For our work, it is essential to study these techniques in depth tot develop new, hybrid forms of creativity in our work.

Made possible by the Mondriaan Fund