Franciscus & Franciscus at This Art Fair

27|12|17 – 30|12|17
Beurs van Berlage,  Damrak 243,  Amsterdam

The artist duo Franciscus & Franciscus has acquired fame since 2012 with their photographic portrait series, ‘After Memling’. They ‘paint’ with digital tools, inspired by the classic portrait art of Flemish master Hans Memling (1430/40-1494).

In 2015, they worked for four months on this series on the island of Curacao, after having received a grant from the Mondriaan Funds. Franciscus & Franciscus’ artwork is currently exhibited in the Netherlands, Belgium, Curacao, France, Russia, Germany and the United States.

With the ‘Pelgrimage’ series the duo heads in a new direction. The inspiration for this series came from monks painted by, among others, Zurbarán, Rembrandt and Greco. With contemporary styling, the models change into travellers, crusaders, refugees and city nomads. The pictures are hard to date, and breathe a surreal atmosphere.

This series is currently still in development.