Dan Walwin presents Alti

Lab Nieuw en Meer,  Oude Haagseweg 51,  Amsterdam
An evening with “artworks, music and other knick-knacks in a cool atmosphere” at the front yard of Nieuw en Meer. During the event some filming will take place for a new video piece by Walwin.
There will be drinks and snacks, please feel welcome!


Saturday 15 July, from 19h – 23h.

Dan Walwin’s (Frome, 1986) works pay acute and visceral attention to details and detritus, channelled and contained inside hybrid and potentially uncomfortably ill-fitting forms. These evoke associations with pop culture, scientific research and speculative fiction, while employing scale and imitation as means to structure the atmosphere of a viewer’s encounter with the work. Walwin studied Fine Arts in Goldsmiths College London and was a resident at the Rijksacademie (Amsterdam) and Triangle France (Marseille).