AIR presentatie Thom van Hoek

Artists in Residence

24|06|23 – 25|06|23

Expositie Thom van Hoek, Artist in Residence bij Nieuw en Meer.

In his practice, Thom van Hoek (b. 1990, Rotterdam) strives to visualise the passing of time and its impact on how we interpret our surroundings. He investigates how meaning can change through erosion, mediation and repetition. This endeavour is firmly rooted in the term ecology; οἶκος meaning “environment / house” and λογία “logic”, which is connected to the landscape of The Netherlands and inescapably revolves around the notion of the the Anthropocene – how to organically coexist in a space that has been overly designed? It deals with the dialectics between artificiality and nature and the “temporality” of the time we live in, in regards to the housing situation as well as climate change. The work of Van Hoek primarily manifests itself through organic sculptures (using processed algae), photography and sometimes employs video and sound. After studying at the Fine Arts Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, he graduated from the master program Materialisation in Art & Design at the Sandberg Instituut in 2017.



Object Permanence