Marcella van Zanten

Oude Haagseweg 111
1066 DC Amsterdam

Marcella van Zanten  is artist since 1985, art educator since 1989, (later she did a masters in art in 2011) and since 1987 organisator of art and en culture projects, so she is active as an artist, guide and teacher in the fields of culture and art. German, English & Dutch museum guide since 2013.

Social processes and communication are leading in her artwork. These processes can be translated into materialistic symbols. The works of art are made of different material, like 3 dimensional life size installations to drawings, paintings and (collages of) photographs. Her work can be made on the spot which often happens when she gets a commission. Or she uses a special spot as inspiration to make photo’s and paintings with a symbolic meaning. Sometimes she creates an environment to let social processes happen. This is also what she does when she guides or teaches. The interaction with a group and within a group is essential to succeed in consciousness about the social impact of a piece of art.

Curriculum vitae
2009-2011 – Master Kunsteducatie, AHK, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Amsterdamse NL
1989 – Europees Keramisch werkcentrum
1986-1988 – University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
1980-1985 – Amsterdamse Academie voor Beeldende Vorming, Amsterdam
1980-1981 – Rijksacademie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam
1979-1980 – Psychologie, Universiteit van Amsterdam
1971–1979 – VWO Goois Lyceum, Bussum; Herman Jordan Lyceum, Zeist